Everyday Parenting with Joyful Courage: Using Curiosity to Invite Cooperation

We all want our kids to be more cooperative, to listen to us, to follow directions, and yet, time and time again, when I work with parents and ask about what their biggest challenges are, they always include, “My kids just won’t listen!”
We know they hear us. We have their best interest in mind, right' So what is the problem with kids that we have to repeat ourselves so many times, and even then, they don’t always do what we want them to do'
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Everyday Parenting with Joyful Courage: Using Curiosity to Invite Cooperation

Allentown 'Drive' middle school program continues to produce players, excitement

the second championship in the Allentown Drive Middle School Baseball League. The kids felt as great as the Red Sox did last October as they embraced the championship trophy and posed for pictures after the game. More sports stories, pictures

Six ways to encourage summer reading for kids

Summer reading is a treat for some kids, and a chore for others. Here are ways parents can help encourage reading and make it a fun activity during summer vacation free time. By Aya Khalil , Correspondent / June 10, 2014 It’s finally summer

Father's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

condensation and fall off. Printable Father's Day Coupons Let kids take the reins when it comes to choosing gifts for Dad with easy-to-make Father's Day coupons. Make the craft: Give kids a pen and a stack of our downloadable coupons, and have

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New Socially Creative Summer Camp Combines Fun and Social Skills

-- CarePlus announces new Socially Creative Summer Camp for children ages 9-12.
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News: Everyday Parenting with Joyful Courage: Using Curiosity to Invite Cooperation

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